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iPhone Screen Protector - Privacy Glass Screen Protector

Are you looking for more than just simple protection for your smartphone? The iPhone privacy glass screen protectors from PTC Shop Australia are precisely what you need for the ultimate, confidential experience.

These solutions are an innovative new way to keep your information on the down-low while still using your phone in public places. Each design is made of tempered glass, so it's durable enough to withstand fall damage without shattering. Plus, its anti-glare properties help prevent eye strain when reading text or checking your emails under harsh lighting conditions (like outside on a sunny day).

Enjoy easy application and a design that’s tailored to ensure zero interference with touch sensitivity. Every product in this range is compatible with all cases on our site. Join the PTC Shop Club, and you can enjoy $5 off your first purchase. Plus, we also offer free shipping anywhere in Australia for all orders over $30.

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