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Phone Wallets - Samsung & iPhone Case with Card Holder

Protecting your gadget is essential, but the cases available on the market are dull and lack character. We know that you're looking for something more exciting than a plain black or white case. You want something unique that shows off your personality without sacrificing protection.

Most of us want to safeguard our devices while making a fashion statement. However, most cases look the same and don't stand out from the crowd. With PTC Shop's selection of iPhone and Samsung accessories, you can find something for everyone in your family or circle of friends.

Our line is designed for any occasion - from business meetings to nights out on the town. They're crafted using premium materials like genuine leathers, high-quality textiles and advanced technologies such as our unique shock-absorbing design that guards against damage caused by accidental drops. Plus, the cover transforms into an adjustable viewing stand so that you can watch videos hands-free anywhere.

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