iPhone XR Cases and Screen Protectors(20 items found)

iPhone XR Case

While it’s another smash hit from Apple, this crowd-pleaser is not invincible. Protect your investment with the best solutions on the market at PTC, including our range of iPhone XR cases.

Designed to be slim and lightweight, these products don't add bulk to your phone or make it feel heavy in your hand. Plus, we offer a variety of colours, designs and materials so you can personalise your cover to your heart’s content.

We know that accidents happen when you least expect them to. Our solutions will give you peace of mind knowing that if something happens, at least your phone is protected from scratches and cracks.

Eliminate the risk of harming your much-loved gadget with our range of reputable products. Browse through our selection and find the perfect fit for your style – whether you’re after something on-trend or something more robust. Shop online now at PTC to have your order shipped directly to your door.

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